Wash N’Shave (50ml)



Wash n’ Shave

Purifying and Shaving Foam Dual Action

With phyto-marine complexes and natural foaming agents
Pump dispenser 50ml / Net. 1.69 fl. oz.
All skin types / All ages
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Wash N’ Shave


Purifying and Shaving Foam- Cellmen Wash n’ Shave Cream

Cellmen Shaving Cream is dermatologically tested emulsion, which becomes a gentle foam – Emulsifiable in water. This Shaving Cream predominantly targets cleansing/purifying and Shaving cream.

Men’s Cleansing and Shave Cream:

The skin is a living organ. All through the day and night, the skin’s sebaceous glands (for sebum) and sudoriparous glands (for water and sweat) produce secretions which, if not removed, can tend to block the pores. Dust, emerged by pollution, also builds up throughout the day. The skin is almost suffocated, resulting in a dull, grey complexion, and the appearance of spots or blackheads.

Cleansing and purifying your skin daily, each morning and evening, is key to keeping your skin healthy. You must use a product that is effective, but very gentle, which will maintain the skin’s natural balance. Avoid: washing your face with soap and water, or shower gel in the shower. This usage of soap is too aggressive, as soap disrupts the balance of the natural acidity of the skin’s protective film.

Shaving with Cellmen Shave Cream

For many men, shaving is an essential part of their daily skincare routine. Choosing a Shaving cream product that is kind on the skin is very important. But, it is not always easy to find such a product amongst the full range of skincare products available.

Wash n’ Shave is the result of a cycle of nearly 100 tests. It combines an effective cleansing and purifying action with the peace of mind of a shaving foam which is gentle and kind on the skin.

Why use Cellmen Wash n’ Shave?

Wash n’ Shave is original in that it is a 2-in-1 product that serves as a cleansing and shaving foam that is very kind on men’s skin.

  1. To cleanse and purify your skin daily and keep your skin clean and healthy.
  2. For daily shaving, which is safe and gentle on the skin.
Wash n’ Shave Cream, an original Cleansing and Shave Product for All Men:
  • Cellmen Shaving Cream is designed for all men who want to preserve the health of their skin.
  • For all those who are looking for a safe cleansing product, offering a purifying effect and shaving comfort formulated using ingredients that are kind to the skin and which minimize the harmful effects associated with shaving daily.
  • Wash n’ Shave is the essential ally for all men who want to enjoy cleansed,  healthy skin and experience a close and gentle shave.
Cellmen Shave Cream has the following benefits: 
  • Purified and cleansed skin.
  • A gentle shave.
  • Skin feels relaxed with no tightness.

An intense feeling of freshness.



  • Purifies the skin and ensures a smooth shave
    1. Optimises the glide of the blade.
    2. Cleanses and prevents the appearance of redness.
    3. Intensely refreshes.
    4. Free from controversial substances such as triethanolamine, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and phtalates.
    5. Non-irritant.
    6. Non-drying.
    7. Propellant-free.
    8. Hypoallergenic**.

Its added value:

  • It’s dual purifying and shaving action.
  • Its high tolerance formula free from any controversial substances.
  • Dermatologically tested.



  • Purified and cleansed skin
    1. A gentle shave.
    2. A very comfortable feel with no pulling sensation.
    3. An intense feeling of freshness.


Texture and Active Ingredients


  • Pleasant emulsion that lathers into a light foam.
  • Emulsifiable in water.

Active Ingredients:

  • Natural and biodegradable tensio-active agents from apples and coconut oil: dermo-protective, anti-drying.
  • Hamamelis flower water: soothing, anti-redness, astringent.
  • Marine osmoregulatory complex: regulates cutaneous homeostasis, refreshing.
  • Vegetable glycerin and sorbitol: humectant, moisturising*, optimise the glide of the blade.
  • Copper salt: anti-microbial, astringent.
  • Copaiba oil: healing, soothing.
  • Seboregulator specific complex: rebalancing, combats hyperseborrhea, effective against spots.



Application Method

  • On the face and neck area, morning and evening throughout the year.
    1. Avoid the eye contour.


Treatment Plan and Recommended Products


  • For men looking to maintain healthy skin.
  • All skin types, all ages.
  • Ideal for sensitive or sensitised skin.

Daily Complementary Products:

Weekly Complementary Products:


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