Rare Mask (125ml)



Rare Mask

High Tech Detox and Destress Mask
With rare earth from the Amazon + Edelweiss extract

Airless pump 125ml / Net wt. 4.90 oz.
All skin types / All ages
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Rare Mask


Face Mask For Men- Cellmen Rare Mask

Cellmen Rare Mask is Reddish-brown with a thick and creamy texture. This Skin Brightening Face Mask especially recommended for mattifying combination skins and bringing visible radiance to dull, uneven complexions in men.

Anti-ageing effect for a radiant complexion-
Cellmen Rare Mask- Skin Brightening Face Mask For Men

A young and healthy-looking face requires both a glowing complexion and skin with a visibly smooth and regular texture. As it ages, the skin starts to lose its radiance.

There are many external factors, that age the skin, Ageing of the skin is visually very pronounced, even before the appearance of Wrinkles, due to :

  • Loss of the skin’s radiance and glow.
  • Loss of soft tissue means that the skin is thinner and lacking in volume, with a reduced tone in the tissues causing them to sag.

To avoid these effects, several different actions are needed-:

  • Activate microcirculation of the blood.
  • Eliminate toxins.
  • Prevent glycation.
  • Re-densify the cutaneous tissues.
Soothing The Skin For Enhanced Comfort with CellMen Rare Mask

Sensitivity = feeling of skin discomfort.

All skin types, regardless of age, can show signs of skin sensitivity from time to time:

External factors

  • Environment: Pollution, dry ambient air, air conditioning, wind, mountain conditions, heat, cold, sunshine, heating, etc.
  • Harmful chemicals: Shaving foams, unsuitable cosmetic products, harsh soaps, alcohol-based lotions, etc.
  • Harmful mechanical actions: Daily shaving, highly abrasive skin exfoliant.

Internal factors

Lifestyle: stress, diet, medications, etc.

A sensitized epidermis displays the following characteristics:

  • Dull, uneven complexion.
  • Redness.
  • A feeling of tightness.
  • Loss of suppleness and vitality.

This type of epidermis requires gentle and soothing skincare to comfort and strengthen the skin barrier. The Cellmen skin brightening face mask is the best mask for men which suits the quality of men’s skin.

High-tech Skin Brightening Face Mask- Cellmen Rare Mask
Purifying and Mattifying

Impure skin = aesthetically displeasing imperfections and shininess.

Excessive production of sebum causes frequent irritation, spots, pimples and blackheads. The visible shininess is unpleasant, and the skin’s texture appears coarse as the pores are enlarged.

This skin type or condition has the following notable characteristics:

  • Dull, uneven complexion.
  • Spots, pimples, blackheads (nose/forehead).
  • Large, visible pores.

This type of epidermis requires effective cleansing and care.

To meet the specific requirements of these skin conditions and counteract their visible effects, Cellap Laboratoire has created Cellmen Rare Mask- skin brightening face mask for men.  A unique cosmetic skin care mask with high concentrations of phyto ingredients, such as Amazonian Rare Earth, the “immortality” mushroom, and Edelweiss Extract, specially selected for their renowned properties.

We notice the result from the first application of skin brightening face mask- Cellmen Rare Mask:

  • Visible radiance.
  • Purifying, mattifying effect.
  • Destressing, reinvigorating effect.
  • Anti-ageing effect.
Cellmen Hi-tech Face Mask for Brightening Skin


Thanks to the unique and original combination of its phyto ingredients scientifically selected for their specific synergistic effect, the Rare Mask operated along two main action pathways- Immediate action & Long term action which has the above results-


  • Harmonises the complexion, for fresh, visibly radiant skin.
  • Cleansed, clarified skin.
  • Tired skin reinvigorated.
  • Visibly healthy appearance.
Cellmen Rare Mask- Recommended for men
  • With all skin types, particularly combination skins and complexions which appear dull and tired
  • Seeking a long-lasting anti-ageing effect.

Seeking an instantly radiant complexion.



Immediate action:

  • Radiance is immediately visible.
  • Purifies mattifies and erases the signs of fatigue.
  • Densifies, smoothes, invigorates.
  • Clarifies and harmonises a lacklustre, dull complexion.
  • Encourages cutaneous regeneration.
  • Immediately soothes reactive and sensitised skin.
  • Preventive anti-ageing and regenerating action.
  • Maintains natural skin hydration* at optimum levels.
  • Neutralises the effects of free radicals.

Long-term action:

  • Regulates excess of sebum.
  • Reshapes skin facial features.
  • Helps soothe out wrinkles and fine lines.
  • No artificial colouring.
  • Hypoallergenic**.

Its added value:

  • An unprecedented concentration of active ingredients for a double effect: healthy-looking complexion and anti-ageing.
  • Dermatologically tested.



  • An even, fresh, visibly radiant complexion.
  • Healthy-looking complexion.
  • Cleansed and purified skin.
  • Relaxed-looking skin.


Texture and Active Ingredients


  • Half-gel, half-cream, thick and onctuous.

Active Ingredients:

  • The synergetic complex of rare earth – clays:

    purifying, matifying.

  • Kombucha:

    anti-ageing, healthy-looking effect.

  • Eau Florale d’Hamamélis:

    astringent, anti-rougeurs.

  • Edelweiss extract:

    anti-ageing, protective.

  • Antioxidant Vitamin Complex E + C + F:

    anti-fere radicals.

  • Regenerating and soothing
    Phyto-Sensorial Complex:

    calms the feeling of skin irritation, reduces redness.

  • Copaiba oil:

    healing, anti-inflammatory.

  • Meadow sweet extract:

    matifying, purifying.


Application Method

  • 2 times a week for 1 month as an intensive cure, for a healthy-looking complexion.
  • Once or twice a week, throughout the year.
  • Occasionally to reveal a fresh and rested complexion, for an evening out or a special occasion.


Treatment Plan and Recommended Products


  • All men for an authentic anti-ageing, invigorating and detoxifying skin care treatment.
  • All skin types, particularly combination skin and skin with a dull and tired-looking complexion.
  • For men seeking a long-term anti-age effect.
  • For men looking for an immediate healthy-looking effect.

Daily Complementary Products:

Weekly Complementary Products:

  • Deep cleansing skin care:

    Face Scrub

  • As an occasional 12-day cure treatment:

    intensive energetic cellular concentrate UltraCell Intensive in phials.


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