Face Ultra (30ml)



Face Ultra

Intensive Revitalising Cellular Skin Care for Men

With active stabilised bio-integral cells + hyaluronic acid + antioxidant complex
Pump dispenser 30ml / Net wt. 1.04 oz.
All skin types from age 40
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Face Ultra


Best Face Cream For Men- Cellular Cellmen Face Ultra

Cellular Cellmen Face Ultra Cream is exclusively formulated for men’s skin. It has rich, non-greasy, easily absorbed emulsion texture with white ivory colour. The Cellular Face Cream for Men improves overall skin texture.

Intensive Facial Skincare- Cellmen Face Ultra Cream

The way in which male skin ages is different from that of women:

According to your age, the needs of the skin change, and cell regeneration slows down. Both the environment and cell ageing are factors that interfere with the correct functioning of the skin’s self-defence and repair systems.

Intrinsic Chronological Ageing

  • From age 40, the visible signs of skin ageing in men begin to appear, and this is often coupled with a drop in testosterone levels.
  • These visible signs are the result of the natural ageing process that is linked to age and is referred to as chronological ageing.

Extrinsic Ageing

  • Repeated sun exposure which causes photo-ageing.
  • An unbalanced lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, etc.).

A later but more pronounced ageing process, on the whole, male skin ages later than female skin as its dermis are both thicker and richer in collagen fibres.

However, once the ageing process begins, we observe:

  • The appearance of more pronounced and deeper wrinkles.
  • Sagging features.
  • Skin losing its tonicity.
  • Thickens the skin.
  • Skin becoming drier.
  • The complexion becoming more lacklustre.
  • Wrinkles appearing around the eyes and mouth.
  • The appearance of pigmentation marks.

To counteract and prevent these effects, male skin needs an effective and targeted daily cellular skincare. Cellmen Face Ultra- A face cream that respects its hormonal identity. Adapts to its physiological age, and that also helps regenerate the hydrolipidic film after shaving. As well it also protects, revitalises, and strengthens the epidermis.

Cellmen Face Cream- Actions & Results

Face Ultra cyto, and phyto-cosmetic skincare has been specially formulated to revitalise and improve the firmness of the skin intensively. The synergic action of its cellular extracts and especially selected high-performance ingredients delivers the following results:

  • Revitalised skin.
  • Skin nourished, more supple and soothed.
  • A visibly healthy-looking, even complexion.
  • Smoothed wrinkles and expression lines.
Face Ultra Cellmen – Recommended for men
  • From age 30 for revitalising intensive skincare.
  • From age 40 for daily all year round skincare.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

When used occasionally as an intensive formula, Face Ultra visibly revitalises dull, devitalised and stressed skin.



  • Intensively revitalises the cutaneous structure.
  • Optimises cellular skin activity.
  • Targets the visible effects of skin ageing (lines, slackening).
  • Restructures moisturises* and nourishes.
  • Rebalances the skin’s natural functions.
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural defences.
  • Fortifies the cutaneous structure and improves its resistance to external aggressions and shaving.
  • Provides an immediate long-lasting soothing action.
  • Rebalances the production of cutaneous sebum.
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Hypoallergenic**.

Its added value:

  • The only extremely concentrated cellular anti-ageing cream exclusively formulated for men’s skin.
  • Dermatologically tested.



  • Skin revitalised, nourished and soothed.
  • Skin better-moisturised* and more supple.
  • Healthy-looking, even complexion.


Texture and Active Ingredients


  • Fine, non-greasy, smooth, rapidly absorbed cream.

Active Ingredients:

  • Active stabilised bio-integral cells:

    revitalising, rebalancing.

  • Antioxidant complex:

    anti-free radicals.

  • Hyaluronic acid and Polysaccharide-based gel:

    intense moisturisation*, protective filmogenic effect.

  • Phyto-firming moisturising* complex:

    restructuring, smoothing.

  • Arnica and Calendula macerated oils:

    healing, calming.

  • Complex based on Avocado Oil:

    seboregulating action.


Application Method

  • Morning and evening throughout the year.


Treatment Plan and Recommended Products


  • From age 40 as a daily all year round treatment.
  • From age 30 as an occasional revitalising treatment.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Before and after any kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery to promote and improve the healing process.

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