CellBust-XT-A (100ml)




Revitalising Cellular Bust Cream-Gel

With active stabilised bio-integral cells and specific phyto-active complexes
Pump-bottle 100ml / Net wt. 3.53 oz.
All skin types / All ages
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Bust Toner- Cellcosmet CellBust XT-A

Cellcosmet CellBust XT-A is the smooth, quickly absorbed non-greasy gel that helps to firm the bust, décolleté and neck, and has an immediate toning effect.

The structure of the breasts-

Containing no muscle, the breasts are glands composed of adipose tissue (fat) protected by a layer of connective and fibrous tissue that sits on top of the pectoral muscle. The covering of skin between the chest and the base of the neck acting as a natural brassiere supports the breasts and suspensory ligaments that attach them to the thorax.

The firmness and contour of the breasts mainly depend on:

  • The mammary gland tissue that dictates their volume.
  • The firmness of the skin supporting them.
  • The tone of the pectoral muscle (pectoralis major) on which they sit.
Why We Need Cellcosmet Bust Toner?
Causes of Sagging

Internal Causes: – Hormonal fluctuations heavily influence the breasts, which tend to increase cutaneous distension. These fluctuations primarily occur during the following causes

  1. Adolescence.
  2. Menstruation.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Lactation.
  5. Menopause.
  6. Weight changes.

External cause: –

  1. Their own weight – Law of gravity.
  2. Rubbing of the bra.
  3. Bouncing during sports activities (running, jogging, etc.).
  4. Excessive sun exposure.
Preserving the Firmness and Contour of the Bust- Cellcosmet Bust Toner

It is therefore essential to take care of the breasts and to protect the delicate skin that supports them to prevent breast ptosis (sagging).

To assist and help counter this loss of tone, Cellap Laboratoire has developed.

  • The efficacy of CellBust-XT is due to the intensive revitalizing action of its highly concentrated stabilized cellular extracts.
  • Original phyto and marine complexes, take care for the delicate bust area.
Benefits of Cellcosmet CellBust XT-A- Bust Toner
  • Prevent cutaneous sagging of the bust.
  • Visibly optimize the quality of cutaneous cell renewal.
  • Reshape the natural contour of the breasts.
  • Hydrate the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Preserve the beauty of the décolleté.
  • Unify the skin texture.
  • Visibly smooth and soften the skin texture.

Enables optimal application without leaving the skin feeling greasy.



  • Helps prevent the bust’s skin from slackening.
  • Optimizes the quality of cellular renewal.
  • Contours the breasts’ natural shape.
  • Helps preserve the beauty of decolleté and neckline.

Its added value:

  • An unprecedented high tech polyactive formula: over 75% of active ingredients act synergetically for a spectacular redefining effect.



  • Fuller and firmer breasts.
  • An enhanced neckline.
  • Smoother skin.


Texture and Active Ingredients


  • Non-greasy, velvety smooth, rapidly absorbed gel-cream.
  • Allows an optimal application without leaving skin feeling greasy.

Active Ingredients:

  • Active stabilised bio-integral cells
  • Anti-Ageing and Restructuring Algal Complex:

    Restructuring, Anti-collagenase, Anti-elastase, Toning.

  • Kigeline extract:

    Anti-slackening, Contouring, Improves the skin’s elasticity.

  • Specific Firming Complex:

    Restructuring, Anti-slackening.

  • Specific Oil Complex – Daisy and Muscat Rose Oils:

    Anti-free radicals, Nourishing, Healing, Anti-stretch marks.


Application Method

Attack treatment:

  • 1 application, morning and evening for 2 months.
  • To be used after shower or bath.


Treatment Plan and Recommended Products


  • Women who wish to prevent stretch marks and a slackening of the bust.
  • Women who wish to give their breasts an enhanced and redefined contour.
  • Breast firming treatment with a visible slackening of skin (following pregnancy, rapid weight loss).

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