Anti-Stress Mask (60ml)



Anti-Stress Mask

Matifying Hydrating* Cream-Mask

With Clays, Floral Water and Liquorice Derivative
Jar 50ml / Net wt. 1.8 oz.
All skin types / All ages
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Anti-Stress Mask


Anti Ageing- Anti Stress Mask- For Women Cellcosmet

Cellcosmet Anti Stress Mask is applied on the skin to Mattify and moisturize, which gives you instantly soothing and relaxing. Dermatologically tested. Anti Stress Mask rich, smooth, soft, and creamy in texture.

Skin Moisturisation with Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask

The visible characteristics of young skin – its elasticity, firmness and smooth, soft appearance – depending on the water content of the upper layer of the epidermis, known as the stratum corneum (Blank, Middleton).

The water content of the stratum corneum naturally depends on the amount of water that is being transferred in this way, which will be higher the drier the air is. Above all, it depends on the capacity of the stratum corneum to retain water.

The stratum corneum possesses a natural emollient system which works through two action mechanisms:

  • It prevents moisture loss via the cutaneous sebum.
  • It increases its water content due to the moisturizing action of the NMFs.
Repair Skin Dehydration- Cellcosmet Anti Ageing Mask

Unfortunately, the skin’s hydration levels decrease due to a variety of factors.

External factors:

  • Environment: Dryness of the surrounding air, air conditioning, wind, high altitudes, heat, cold, pollution, sun, central heating, etc. all significantly speed up natural perspiration.
  • Chemical attacks: Organic solvents, detergents, alkaline and AHA-based cosmetic products, soaps, and alcohol all modify the permeability of the stratum corneum,  which is then less able to retain water.

Internal factors:

  • Life conditions/style: Stress, age, unbalanced diet, medicines.
  • Dysfunctions of the organism: Metabolic upsets, intensive diuresis, insufficient sebaceous secretions, etc.
Stress and Skin Ageing:

Various forms of stress can cause stress and skin ageing:

By cellular oxidative stress:

The inductor of premature skin ageing in the fibroblasts. In this case, the word “stress” does not have the same meaning as emotional or psychological stress. It refers to an oxidative chemical attack caused by an excess of particularly harmful molecules known as free radicals.

By emotional or psychological stress: When stressed, the face tenses. Wrinkles then tend to appear between the eyebrows.

Given all the factors mentioned above, it is quite clear that all skin types may, at times, show signs of dehydration and stress.

Stress and dehydration of skin can be characterized by:
  1. Dull skin complexion.
  2. Tutness.
  3. Lack of moisture retention.
  4. Fine dehydration lines.
  5. Loss of suppleness and vitality.

To meet the specific needs of such a skin condition, Cellap Laboratoire has formulated a high-performance mask that rebalances the natural physiological process of skin hydration and counteracts the effects of premature skin ageing caused by stress: Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask.

Benefits of Anti Stress Mask:
  • Eliminates tensions and stretching sensations.
  • Dispels the signs of fatigue.
  • Counteracts the effects of cellular ageing caused by stress.
  • Smoother, clearer, and softer skin.
  • Maintains the optimum natural skin moisture level.
  • Prevents excessive perspiration from the skin, which would lead to dehydration.
  • Gently removes skin impurities.
  • Clears up a dull complexion.
  • Rehydrated*, supple, and elastic skin.
  • Relaxed features.




  • Eliminates stretching sensations and dispels the signs of fatigue.
  • Counteracts the effects of cellular ageing caused by stress.
  • Mattifies and hydrates* the skin.
  • Soothes and reduces redness.
  • Gently removes skin impurities and eliminates excess sebum.
  • Tightens the pores.
  • Clears up dull complexion.
  • Leaves the skin supple, soft and velvety.

Its added value:

  • Real softening mask that combines a soothing action with anti-ageing anti-stress action.
  • Dermatologically tested.



Smoother, cleaner and softer skin

  • Rehydrated*, supple and elastic skin.
  • Matt and more radiant complexion.
  • Relaxed features.


Texture and Active Ingredients


  • Rich and smooth.
  • Silicone-free.

Active Ingredients:

  • Natural clays:

    Absorbent, Matifying, Purifying.

  • Orange-flower distillate water:

    Relaxing, Soothing, Anti-stress, Detoxifying.

  • Cabbage Rose distillate water:

    Soothing, Softening, Astringent due to the tannins it contains.

  • Vegetal glycerin:

    humectant and moisturizing*, reinforces the skin’s capacity to retain the water in the hydrolipidic film.

  • Liquorice derivative:

    calms the skin, a powerful antioxidant helps prevent pigmentation marks, brightening.

  • Oligopeptides from millet seeds:

    excellent anti-stress and anti-ageing effect, counteract the effects of cellular ageing caused by stress, recharge overworked and tired-looking skin, improve skin radiance and brighten the complexion.


Application Method

  • Once or twice a week throughout the year.
  • Do not apply on the eye contours.


Treatment Plan and Recommended Products


  • All skin types, all ages.
  • Ideal for stressed, sensitive and/or reactive skin.

Daily Complementary Products:

Weekly Complementary Products:


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