Active ingredients

We strive to ensure our products contain the very best scientifically selected and skillfully balanced active ingredients to deliver the optimum effect to the skin.

Examples of active ingredients

Active stabilised bio-integral cells – an extraordinary vital force
Obtained via biotechnology, active stabilised bio-integral cells are real nutritious reservoirs of energy for skin cells. 
Highly revitalising, active stabilised bio-integral cells:

  • optimise cutaneous cellular activity,
  • rebalance the skin’s natural functions,
  • combat the visible effects of premature skin ageing,
  • nourish and strengthen the cutaneous structure.

Active stabilised bio-integral cells are a world exclusive from Cellap Laboratoire. The active stabilised bio-integral cells present in Cellcosmet-Cellmen cosmetics are obtained using the Cellcontrol™ method, a revolutionary stabilisation procedure for which Cellap Laboratoire holds world exclusivity.

Exclusive Expert Hyaluron Complex
Cellap Laboratoire has developed the exclusive Expert Hyaluron Complex made up of hyaluronic acids of varying molecular weight.

This complex delivers:

  • an immediate smoothing and filmogenic effect
  • a plumping, volume-increasing, restructuring action
  • a deeply moisturising action: it forms a continuous elastic film on the skin that is permeable to water-retaining, cutaneous exchanges, thus helping to maintain good levels of hydration.

DNA (marine origin)
DNA present in Cellcosmet and Cellmen cosmetics provides a firming and repairing action.

Kombucha (also known as “the fungus of long life“)
By providing instant radiance, Kombucha endows the complexion with remarkable luminosity, while harmonising skin texture.

Extracts of Swiss Alpine Plants

  • Harvested from organic cultivations
  • Very rich in flavonoids and secondary metabolites such as Biostimulins, D-galactose, L-arabinose and uronic acid
  • Anti-inflammatory and decongestant

Swiss Alpine Spring Water

  • Rich in magnesium, minerals and oligo-elements all of which play an essential role in the natural metabolism of the skin’s cellular renewal
  • Detoxifying
  • Purifying

Quality standards

Cellap Laboratoire takes meticulous care to prepare and manufacture its unique products with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Quality standards


  • Narrow-necked opaline glass jars preserve the precious Cellcosmet and Cellmen cells.
  • Hermetically sealed jars ensure product quality and freshness.
  • Sealed wrapping ensures products are tamper-proof.


  • Performed in conditions similar to those practiced in the pharmaceutical industry with extremely rigorous hygiene regulations (GMPc norm).
  • Annual quantities are limited to ensure quality – thereby ruling out industrial-scale production.

Quality Control

  • Strict toxicological and bacteriological tests.
  • Efficiency tests performed by independent laboratories.
  • Dermatological tolerance tests*.

*Non-toxicity test/ *Hypoallergenic